Forklift Rentals Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne

Forklift Rentals: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Australia-wide

As well as selling a comprehensive range of forklifts, Hyundai Material Handling also offers a forklift rental service for those that want quick, easy access to quality warehouse equipment. All of our forklifts for rent are designed and manufactured to Hyundai’s world class standards. With guaranteed lasting performance, fast precision and operator comfortability, add to your warehouse capabilities with forklift rentals. Melbourne businesses and warehouses around Australia can now get those big projects finished accurately and efficiently. With every Hyundai forklift we build, we ensure that all parts and equipment meet the high Australian standards and OHS requirements and use the latest in manufacturing technology. We promise reliability and safety, so you can feel confident when you rent a Hyundai forklift. We have the expertise and the name you can rely on with competitive prices and the highest possible quality of forklifts.

Why Choose Forklift Rentals?

Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne manufacturing companies, and other businesses across Australia are choosing to rent forklifts because of the benefits they provide. Just some of the advantages of hiring a truck include:

  • Rent on your terms. You decide how long you require the equipment for, whether it’s five days or five years
  • Ensure you’re covered for seasonal peaks and one-off projects, without having to pay for equipment you won’t use year-round
  • Find the forklift truck that exactly matches your specifications
  • Fast delivery guaranteed
  • Same level of quality and high performance you would get when you purchase a Hyundai forklift
  • All equipment is maintained by us, to ensure continuous safety and reliability
  • Affordable, flexible terms of hire

Contact Hyundai Material Handling Today

With our fleet of rental trucks, you truly have the best pick of the bunch. All of our products will be delivered on-time, to specification, so you can get to work as soon as possible. So, if you’re not ready to purchase a forklift, don’t want the ongoing costs associated with buying a truck, or simply don’t require one all year round, renting a forklift truck for your warehouse could be the best option for you. Contact your local Hyundai dealer or give us a call on 1300 363 368. Otherwise, fill out our simple online contact form to find out more about our forklift rentals in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and around Australia.