At Hyundai, we believe our forklifts perform best when they are running on our factory-made parts. That’s why providing you with a superior warehouse and distribution experience is something we take seriously.

We’re Serious about our Parts

Hyundai are committed to providing industry-leading parts support via a national stockholding at our parts facility in Sydney. Parts are delivered where required overnight to ensure customers are not faced with avoidable delays. Our National Dealer Network also carry the necessary parts holdings to support our forklifts across Australia.

While Hyundai Genuine Parts may cost slightly more than generic aftermarket parts, Hyundai Parts last many times longer. The more often you replace a part, the more expensive it becomes. Using Genuine Hyundai Parts results in the lowest cost of ownership.

Support & Service

Our trained parts team is always ready to offer assistance and help you select the right part. We also have a state-of-the-art distribution system in place to ensure your order is delivered when and wherever you need it.

key benefits

Hyundai parts are made with the same dedication to quality and durability as our equipment.  We also offer ongoing maintenance programs that help ensure our forklifts can always deliver optimal performance.

OEM Parts

Genuine, high-quality Hyundai-made parts manufactured specifically for our forklifts.

Lubricants Program

Oils and fluids designed by Hyundai to deliver maximum performance and protection for your forklift.

Battery Program

Powerful, reliable, industrial batteries produced by Hyundai to meet our high-quality standards.

We would not be where we are today without one of the most professional dealer networks in the industry.
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