Maintenance, Service and Repair - Hyundai

Maintenance, Service and Repair


We strongly advise you to follow the maintenance schedule as provided by your Hyundai dealer upon delivery of your forklift truck or warehouse equipment. If you cannot reach your dealer, read the instructions in the Operation Manual. Keeping the maintenance interval schedule is an important condition for the warranty.

These intervals may vary per truck as well as per application as per mounted attachment.


To provide you with state-of-the-art support we have our dealers updated on the latest information, modifications and improvements. In addition these trained professionals can rely on a team of 250 motivated technicians all over the globe to assist them in case of special needs.

Our dealers in the field have gathered lots of experience over the years and often bring up new solutions to customer needs. It's a two-way communication which makes it possible for us to maximize our service to your needs.


For any reparation, please contact your dealer. He will inform you what, when and how repairs can be done and what these repairs will cost. In case your dealer cannot solve the issue, Hyundai Service will assist. Please note that 93% of all spare parts are available within 24 hours.