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Spare Parts

The growth of both our skilled dealer base and number of happy customers has meant that there has been a significant increase in the numbers Hyundai forklifts and warehouse equipment. As such, spare parts have grown at a commensurate rate. To support this growing demand for spare parts, Hyundai relies on a proven, reliable stocking and delivery system.

About 90% of all Hyundai spare parts are continuously in stock at Hyundai’s Parts Warehouse. For the outer regions of Australia, delivery timeframe of 72 hours is the norm. Even on the rare occasions when an ordered item is not in stock in Australia, we aim to achieve delivery in 3 days. The item will be immediately flown in from the Hyundai Headquarters in Korea.

Hyundai’s Australian dealer network is delighted to have this fast and reliable spare parts service at their disposal. More and more, this spare parts delivery system has become a strong differentiator for Hyundai dealers throughout Australia.

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